science, code, and open source



In 2023, sciwork will hold a conference to provide a physical venue to showcase how programming languages are used for scientific and engineering applications and their best practices. In addition to scientific computing and high-performance computing, we also emphasize data management, process, analytics, and visualization.

About sciwork

sciwork is a community of researchers and engineers to share and discuss computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. We believe in the power of openness, and we will use open source as a means to advance software development for computational sciences.

Computational sciences are critically important as information technology has blended in every aspect of human activities. Proficiently speaking programming languages is a prerequisite for conducting most research and engineering work, and as practitioners observe, the simple task evolves into a hierarchy of skills that take years to acquire. To properly use computers for science or engineering, the problem is two-fold. We need a thorough understanding of the problem to solve, and simultaneously we need to master computer programming to deliver reliable solution. It is overly challenging since either of both is already complicated.

sciwork would like to get involved in the global effort to solve the issue of code development entangling with science and engineering. There will be sprints, hands-on tutorials, and technical talks in the conference. Attendees are expected to be in different levels of code development. We will work together for good and open computational sciences.