Sponsorship Prospectus 

Contact: contact@sciwork.dev
Yung-Yu Chen, conference chairman

Sciwork is a conference for researchers and engineers to share and discuss computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. The software calls for deep understanding to a complex problem domain, and the development becomes much less understood by programmers. We would like to connect individuals and organizations who see the problems, and together improve the art of developing numerical software. We believe in the power of openness, and will use open source as a platform for collaboration.

This is our first year holding the conference. We hope to build a vibrant community that write serious code for solving interesting problems. The conference will be held annually, and we plan to hold smaller sprint events throughout the years.

The estimated attendance of the first conference is 70-100 people. The attendees are expected to be computational science researchers, software developers, and university students from Taiwan.

The benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Early participation of the emerging community for scientific code development
  • Connecting highly motivated researchers and programmers

Sponsorship package 

We are offering three standard sponsorship packages.

Level Price Content
Gold NTD 30,000
(USD 1,000)
A booth in the venue. Logo on the website. Complimentary tickets.
Silver NTD 10,000
(USD 700)
Logo on the website. Complimentary tickets.
Patron NTD 3,000
(USD 100)
Name on the website. One ordinary ticket. (This is for personal sponsors.)