Sciwork is pushed back to next year 2021

Sciwork will be canceled this year because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have rescheduled once because of the epidemic. Since then the situation has become worsened and we are seeing rapidly-growing infections in the world. Although in Taiwan it is relatively well-controlled, so far, the found cases are still increasing …

New date

Yesterday, we have finalized the procedure of rebooking the conference venue. The new date will be March 21st, 2020. (Original date was February 22nd.) We move the date in response to the delay of the classes that is caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

If you have bought the ticket …

Rescheduling for novel coronavirus

Yesterday, Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) announced to decision to have the universities delay the classes. In response to that, we will reschedule. The time has not been decided. We are working with the venue and the speakers to find the best date, and will keep you posted.

Post LNY update

We've been quiet during the Lunar New Year. You probably know why: we are closely watching the development of the 2019-nCoV epidemic and assessing its impact. Some universities plan to make the spring semester start later. Some big events decided to push back. But there are activities, mostly less crowded …

Getting started with sciwork tutorials

In the coming sciwork conference, we focus on code, and will help people who are interested in the scientific software development to get started. There are two tutorials installed in the conference: 'Hypothesis Testing in Python' and 'Packaging: Share your code for pip and Conda'. The two tutorials are aimed …

Sciwork is for development sprints!

Imagine you attend a technical conference that is full of great speakers and amazing people, in a shiny building, and has well-organized schedule. You learn a lot from the technical program and make new friends. It is all good, and you enjoy it a lot.

But it will not be …

Sciwork 2020 registration opens

Registration is open today:

And it is exciting to have the proposal review finished. The full schedule has been published in the program page, including the talks, tutorials, and sprints. If you have any questions, let us know @sciwork.

Sciwork 2020 sprints

Sciwork is a conference for numerical code, and we certinaly will let everyone enjoy the coding hours. In sciwork 2020, there are two development sprints:

  • Uni10, a numerical library designed for tensor networks.
  • libst, a code to solve conservation laws by using the space-time conservation element and solution element (CESE …
Sciwork 2020 tutorials

In the coming sciwork conference, we are planning for two hands-on tutorials to introduce important programming skills to the audience:

The lecturers have a lot of experience, and will guide the attendees to explore …

Shoot for better code for science

It is a fascinating enterprise to study and improve the world by using computers. However, digital computers are sophisticated machinery. To drive it, we need both the knowledge of solving the scientific problems and the skills for making the software. It doesn't happen automatically.

Writing code for scientific or engineering …