Sciwork is pushed back to next year 2021

Sciwork will be canceled this year because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have rescheduled once because of the epidemic. Since then the situation has become worsened and we are seeing rapidly-growing infections in the world. Although in Taiwan it is relatively well-controlled, so far, the found cases are still increasing and we are close to or already in community spread. After careful assessment, we learn that the safety of all participants is of high risk in this time, and have to make the hard decision to cancel the conference.

Every participant will get full refund. You do not need to cancel on KKTIX. Instead, please submit the following information to the form:

Subject: [sw20] Refund information for <your name in KKTIX ticket>

  • Email in your KKTIX ticket
  • Check-in Serial Code (檢查碼) in your KKTIX ticket (you should have got an email from KKTIX for it)
  • Account information:
    • Bank code (銀行名稱代號)
    • Branch code (分行名稱代號)
    • Account name (戶名)
    • Account number (帳號)

The refund will take some time to process, and we will appreciate your understanding. The organizers will cover all the incurred overhead, and would like to ask everyone to submit the information for refund.

Although the conference is pushed back to next year, the organizers will continue to hold smaller-scale events to promote the sharing and discussion of computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. The subsequent events were planned with the conference already, but the team need some time to put them together. Further updates will be posted @sciwork. Please follow us.