Sciwork is for development sprints!

Imagine you attend a technical conference that is full of great speakers and amazing people, in a shiny building, and has well-organized schedule. You learn a lot from the technical program and make new friends. It is all good, and you enjoy it a lot.

But it will not be complete if there is no development sprint! Development sprints are the thing makes a technical conference really fulfilling. In a sprint, a group of people sit together and spend hours on the same project to engage in intensive learning and code development. It moves forward the technology. And technology is the reason for us to meet in the conference, isn't it?

Sciwork is a conference for researchers and engineers to share and discuss computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. We focus on code, so the sprints are playing the central role. Please take a look at our two sprints: uni10 and libst. You can select one of then when you register.

Two sprints are too few or you want to work on something else? No problem. Let us know @sciwork and we will work with you to hold new sprints later this year!