Post LNY update

We've been quiet during the Lunar New Year. You probably know why: we are closely watching the development of the 2019-nCoV epidemic and assessing its impact. Some universities plan to make the spring semester start later. Some big events decided to push back. But there are activities, mostly less crowded ones, chose to stick to the original schedule. Sciwork has not made the final decision, but we'd like to give the update so you know what we are doing.

The setting of the conference is not particularly susceptible to the virus infection, although there are still risks. The venue (NCTU science building 2) has ample space for the attendees, whose number will be under 100. In the talks, tutorials, and sprints, attendees can keep good distance (meters) from each other. The occupant density should be lower than a usual class meeting. If the university thinks it's safe to have normal classes, the conference should be safe too. So far NCTU hasn't changed the semester schedule due to the threat of virus.

Safety of the attendees precedes anything. It is a prerequisite for free and active discussions. In the same time we hope the conference to happen as planned, so the discussions can take place.

We are starting to discuss with the speakers and instructors. We will together decide how to respond the challenge from the coronavirus. If the risk becomes too high, we will push it back, and work out the logistics for re-registration. No matter what we do, we will make sure there is not a health concern.

Online community 

At this point we should start to build the sciwork online community. Programmers can hardly live without it, can we? The original plan was to have the conference lead the online community. Since there is a chance to push back the conference, we'd like to flip the order.

We will start with the Telegram group (TG) Please talk to us. When you enter the TG, please say something about yourself, and we can initiate conversation with what you think about or want from the conference and the numerical code development we are promoting. We also welcome questions about the code you are developing or the problems you are trying to solve. If you are interested in the people behind the conference, find @yungyuc in the TG, who is also the author of this post.

Since a community locating in Taiwan cannot omit the widespread Facebook, we have a discussion group set up too: Similarly, in the Facebook group (FG), you are welcome to start conversation with self-introduction and things about the coding or the event. Look forward to talking to you before the conference.

Other offline events 

For offline events, the 2020 sciwork conference is just a start, too. Coding for science is fascinating and there shouldn’t be just one event a year. We are sure that there should be more development sprints during the year, and are planning for them. If you have a good topic please let us know (you can use the TG or FG above). Good science takes intensive discussions. So does good code. We hope to learn your ideas about other kinds of events.